Adventures in Aldanar

The Adventure begins.
A gathering strom

Our adventure begins and our heroes are assembled in the in the greeting hall of the Adventures’s guild of Ariavelle, located in the city of Caymoor. After seeking admittance to the guild, each for their own reason, they were given the opportunity to join the guild by successfully completing a task that was assigned to them. The task was to aid the town of Rellington with several strange cases of the village children being abducted in the night by unknown means.

On the trek to Rellington our group encountered a pair of owlbears. A brief, but fierce battle ensued and our heroes claiming victory.

Upon entering the village the group was stopped by the town guard and questioned about their reason for visiting Rellington. After a short discussion they were lead to the residence of the Vicountess Valleria Proudspire. Valleria explained the situation to our heroes and suggested that they wait until morning to set out on their adventure. The party agreed and was provided lodging for the night at the local tavern. Half way through the night the party was subject to a surprise attack by giant spiders. After a short, but fierce battle, the party successfully drove off the the spiders and decided to pursue them into the forest.

After a few hours of travel and a skirmish or two the party tracked the spiders to a cave entrance hidden deep within the forest. Erring on the side of caution the party decided to approach with caution. After a few encounters with spiders, goblins, and a drider our heroes managed to find and rescue the abducted children. That to a little help in the for of a very vague vision from Sandail. Among the children rescued was a young elven girl who recognized Mialee’s pendant and asked for her help to return home.

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