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  • The Adventure begins.

    Our adventure begins and our heroes are assembled in the in the greeting hall of the Adventures's guild of Ariavelle, located in the city of [[Caymoor | Caymoor]]. After seeking admittance to the guild, each for their own reason, they were given the …

  • Home Page

    If you guys could get your characters entered with a little bit of backstory it would help me out a bit in flushing things out. If you have any questions or want to work something out for wither let me know. Resources: https://www.dnd-spells.com/

  • Main Page

    [[Plots | Plots]] [[Regions | Regions]] [[Factions | Factions]] [[Campaign Setting Information | Campaign Setting Information]] [[Guilds | Guilds]]

  • Hammer's Hold

    Hammer's Hold is the dwarven kingdom in the *location undecided*. The population of * dwarves is ruled by King *. Though the population is primarily dwarven ther are other races that inhabit the kingdom as well. Most notably are the goliath race whom have …

  • Dread Claw Horde

    "Strength is glory, and glory strengthens the horde!" A roving band of humanoid monsters sworn to fealty to the horde queen and her cause. Horde Leader - [[:thur-dak | Thur'dak]] Horde Queen - [[:nyxx-han | Nyxx'han]] Second in command - (Son of …

  • Aldanarian Lore

    [[Myths and Legends | Myths and Legends]] The Old gods - Battle of the gods Dawn of the new gods Age of dragons - The war of five kingdoms - Rise of the Horde- [[Battle of Lindellin | Battle of Lindellin]]

  • Aldanarian Pantheon

    _*The Old ones*_ 1. [[:aleos | Aleos]] 2. [[:jora | Jora]] 3. [[:xenia | Xenia]] _*The New Gods*_ *Greater Gods* 1. [[:allura | Allura]] Goddess of Creation and Life 2. [[:illura | Illura]] Goddess of Destruction and Death 3. [[:penem | Penem …

  • Magic and the world

    *Variant Magic Types:* Blood Rune True Name Shadow *Forbidden Magic* * Mass Teleportation Magic * Necromancy

  • Factions

    [[Val Sh'rai | Val Sh'rai]] [[Dread Claw Horde | Dread Claw Horde]] [[Blackfang Lizard Tribe | Blackfang Lizard Tribe]] [[The Stygian Aggregate | The Stygian Aggregate]] [[The Golden Circle | The Golden Circle]] [[Farstrider | Farstrider]] [[The …

  • Xenthia

    [[File:684849 | class=media-item-align-center | 1795x1010px | 15110891_10158009996435556_955040831569853763_o.jpg]] _Population_ – 1,763,927 (Human 63%, Dwarves 17%, Elves 7%, Halflings %, Half-elves %, gnomes %, other % ) _Government_ – Oligarchy …

  • Regions

    *[[Asira | Asira]]* [[Nieucheizu | Nieucheizu]] *[[Ariavelle | Ariavelle]]* [[The kingdom of Ellonden | The kingdom of Ellonden]] [[Xenthia | Xenthia]] [[Korith | Korith]] [[Vallia | Vallia]] [[Durrilan | Durrilan]] [[Endora | Endora]] [[ …

  • Korith

    [[File:684848 | class=media-item-align-center | 1920x1080px | 423578-Kycb.jpg]] A city of renegades, despots, and all sort of discarded beings. The reason for this being that the city itself reside within the worlds largest know anti-magic zone. …

  • Vallia

    To the * lies Vallia which is also referred to as the shrouded city. A thick black mist an be seen upon approaching it borders and covers the land itself. A militant nation who worships the god of death, *, have declared war on the entire realm of Aldanar …

  • Campaign Setting Information

    [[Aldanarian Timeline | Aldanarian Timeline]] [[Aldanarian Lore | Aldanarian Lore]] [[Aldanarian Pantheon | Aldanarian Pantheon]] [[Magic and the world | Magic and the world]]

  • Durrilan

    Rolling plains, hills, and mountains. Home of the dwarven kingdom of [[Hammer's Hold | Hammer's Hold]]. _Population_ – _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major …

  • Guilds

    [[Adventurer's guild of Ariavelle | Adventurer's guild of Ariavelle]]

  • Endora

    [[File:684846 | class=media-item-align-center | 1020x788px | download.jpg]] A city dedicated to the collection and application of the arcane arts. _Population_ – _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and …

  • Plots

    *Story Arcs* *Major:* *Minor:* *Side:* *Complete:* [[The Adventure Begins | The Adventure Begins]] *Personal:* * [[Chris | Chris]] * [[Ross | Ross]] * [[Tyler | Tyler]] * [[Melissa | Melissa]] * [[Daria | Daria]] …

  • Nieucheizu

    Most who have heard of it consider it a myth. Those who know better know that some of the finest assassins can be found there at the right price.

  • Chris

    Character: Goals: Plots: Captured by Illythid. Notes:

  • Ross

    *Character:* Ender Ravenheart *Goals:* *Plots:* *Notes:* *Character:* Vyncent *Goals:* *Plots:* *Notes:*

  • Tyler

    *Character:* Willheart Ironsmith *Goals:* *Plots:* *Notes:*

  • Aldanarian Timeline

    0 - Birth of the Elder Gods 1037 - Battle of the gods 1140 - Dawn of the New Gods 1254 - End of the battle of the gods 1506 - The Shadow Wars 1558 - Shadow Wars end. 1562 - Age of dragons 1564 - Battle of * 1570 - Rise of the …

  • Muna

    _Population_ – _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major Geographical Features* *Important Sites* *Regional History* *Plots and Rumors*

  • Soli

    _Population_ – _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major Geographical Features* *Important Sites* *Regional History* *Plots and Rumors*

  • Mi'ahrinkel

    _Population_ – _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major Geographical Features* *Important Sites* *Regional History* *Plots and Rumors*

  • Tirieska

    _Population_ – _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major Geographical Features* [[Vallerian Forest | Vallerian Forest]] *Important Sites* *Regional …

  • Melissa

    *Character:* Mialee Liadon *Goals:* *Plots:* [[The Journey Home | The Journey Home]] *Notes:*

  • Farstrider

    An Elven huntsman tasked with braving the world and assessing possible threats to Tirieska and the Elven community. At any given time there are only seven active Farstriders and three times as many Farstrider candidates. Directives: # Learn new skills …

  • Caymoor

    _Population_ – 28,438 (Major City) _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major Geographical Features* *Important Sites* * Lehill Castle * The Tower of Agon …

  • Rellington

    _Population_ – 8,563 (Small City) _Government_ – _Religion_ – _Imports_ – _Exports_ – Lumber, leather, various meats _Alignment_ – *Life and Society* *Major Organizations* *Major Geographical Features* *Important Sites* # [[ …

  • Daria

    *Character:* *Goals:* *Plots:* *Notes:*

  • The Adventure Begins

    Our adventure begins and our heroes are assembled in the in the greeting hall of the Adventures's guild of Ariavelle, located in [[Caymoor | Caymoor]]. After seeking admittance to the guild, each for their own reason, they were given the opportunity to …

  • Jamie

    *Character:* *Goals:* *Plots:* *Notes:*

  • David

    *Character:* *Goals:* *Plots:* *Notes:*

  • Illura

    *Greater Diety* *Symbol:* [[File:658662 | class=media-item-align-none | 50x50px | yy2.png]] *Home plane:* *Alignment:* *NG* *Favored Weapon:* *History/Relationship:* Illura and Allura are inseparable from one another. These twin Goddesses hold …

  • Penem

    **Symbol:* *Home plane:* Altherebus *Alignment:* *CE* *Favored Weapon:* *History/Relationship:* Enemy of Sandail. The two are locked in an eternal struggle. *The Lost Contienent* * Penem and Sandail have several conflicts during the war of …

  • Yerim

    *Symbol:* *Home plane:* *Alignment:* *CG* *Favored Weapon:* the Mother Tree *History/Relationship:* *Dogma:* *Clergy/Worshipers/temples:*

  • Sandail

    *Symbol:* *Home plane:* *Alignment:* *LG* *Favored Weapon:* *History/Relationship:* Enemy of Penem. The two are locked in an eternal struggle. *Dogma:* *Clergy/Worshipers/temples:*

  • Aleos

    Aleos' following had dwindled over the years since the War of the Gods. His blessing and favor have seemed to diminish among his followers leading them to find favor with other deities. His presence as a whole seems to have all but disappeared from the …

  • Imrodela

    *Symbol:* *Home plane:* *Alignment:* *LN* *Favored Weapon:* Imrodela spends most of her time tending to the greats weave on which magic energies are born. She and her agents strive to maintain it balance and nurture it's growth. *History/ …

  • Negorath

    Slain in 1570 during the war in the age of dragons.

  • Zedrimar

    Zedrimar has always felt at home on any battlefield. His insatiable lust for violence led him toward his destiny of ascending to godhood under the portfolio of murder.For defeating your foe is now nearly as worth as claiming their life as your own.

  • Vyncent

    From a very young age Vyncent had a love for books, he would find himself spending hours on end pouring through old dusty tomes. One day he came across a peculiar book that almost seemed to whisper his name, his young mind piqued with interest as his tiny …

  • Willheart Ironsmith

    Willheart Ironsmith was an energetic and amiable lad well liked by kin and townsfolk alike. Often at the center of a good laugh or game, Willheart grew up with strong morals and a keen sense of justice. One day, some travelling adventurers were causing …

  • Mialee Liadon

    p. My name is Mialee Liadon and I'm nothing too special. My parents are your typical Elven people. The work on the council for our community, so I suppose I come from important people, but that's about it. My parents wanted me to follow in their path, but …